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Determinative Factors in The Injury Incidence on Runners: Synthesis of Evidence “Injuries on Runners”

Andrigo Zaar, Eduardo Borba Neves, Abel Ilah Rouboa, Victor Machado Reis


Long-distance running is a popular recreational exercise. It is a beneficial activity for health and wellness. However, the running can also cause injury, particularly in the lower extremities. There is no consensus in the literature on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that cause these musculoskeletal injuries. In theory, most injuries are caused by methodological errors, the type of footwear and terrain.


To identify the factors associated with injuries in recreational runners based on evidence.


The data sources used were: PubMed, Science Direct and Web of Science. Compiled the English-language articles identified by keywords, titles of medical affairs and research of electronic databases above. With this research from the review process, controlled trials were grouped in a study population consisted of recreational runners.


Evidences suggest that injuries are common for runners. Many variables can contribute to the injury process, among them extrinsic factors such as training methodology, running shoes and surface.


To modify one or more of these factors may help prevent injury, so coaches and runners should consider it, and prevention efforts need to be tailored to this group to reduce the risk of specific injuries.

December 29, 2017

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