The Reliability and Meaningfulness of the Anterior Knee Pain and Lower Extremity Functional Scales in Patellofemoralpain Syndrome

The Open Sports Sciences Journal 24 July 2013 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1875399X20130625002


Two very common scales used in the assessment of patellofemoral pain syndrome are the anterior knee pain scale and the lower extremity functional scale. There is only limited evidence regarding how specifically reliable and meaningful these scales are when assessing the syndrome.The purpose of this study was to assess which questions in both scales are suitable for patellofemoral pain syndrome patients.20 patients with patellofemoralpain were recruited from the physiotherapy waiting list of the local hospital and asked to complete the anterior kneepain scale and the lower extremity functional scale on two occasions at least one week apart. A general test-retest reliability of the scales was measured in addition withtest-retest and internal consistency of each single question. Finally,the questions markedas ‘no problem’ in both sessions were also measured. The total scores of the two scales were found to be highly reliable. However, the anterior knee pain scale revealed five questions with moderate test retest reliability, two questions with less internal consistency whilst it included three less meaningful questions. The lower extremity functional scale showed four questions with moderate test retest reliability,one question with less internal consistency andsix meaningless questions. This study agrees with previous research stating that there are questions in both scales that can be considered meaninglessand less reliable and should probably be excluded or replaced with other questions. The study provides useful information for the development of a more appropriate patellofemoralpain syndrome scale or a modified anterior knee pain scale and lower extremity functional scale for patellofemoralpain syndrome use only.

Keywords: Anterior Knee Pain Scale, Lower Extremity Functional Scale, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Reliability, Assessment.
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