Mixed Martial Arts: History, Physiology and Training Aspects



The purpose of this study was to review current knowledge on exercise physiology and sports training that can be applied to develop training programs for Mixed Martial Arts.


A non-systematic literature review was conducted to search for articles related to history, physiology and training of Mixed Martial Arts and other Martial Arts such as Judo, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate. A review on aerobic, anaerobic, strength and power training was also conducted and directly related to Mixed Martial Arts training.


There is scarce scientific information about training methods and physiological responses to specific efforts in Mixed Martial Arts. Many studies were reviewed and meaningful information on physiology and training were summarized for application in Mixed Martial Arts.


The present study provides a review on important physiology and training aspects for successful preparation of Mixed Martial Arts athletes.

Keywords: Combat sports, Mixed Martial Arts training, Mixed Martial Arts Physiology.