Efficacy of an Intense Rifle Fencing Training


The present study aimed to analyze the effectiveness of an intensive rifle fencing training based on a couple of the most effective fencing techniques compared to a traditional fencing training. 20 male professional soldiers of Spanish Army (28.6±2.4 years) were randomly divided in an experimental group (n: 10) and control group (n: 10). After 1 h rifle training sessions during 6 days, soldiers conducted simulated close quarter combats with rifles. Results showed that the experimental group obtained higher number of victories (17.0 vs. 7.0), number of techniques used (13.0 vs. 6.0), and had variations in body location of impact (head, trunk, legs and arms vs. head, trunk and arms) than control group. The experimental rifle fencing training focused on selected fencing techniques was more effective than the traditional rifle fencing training focused on a higher technical repertory.

Keywords: Close quarter combat, fencing, melee, rifle techniques, soldier.