Relations Between Psychological Characteristics and Physical Abilities in a Sample of Female Police Candidates

The Open Sports Sciences Journal 24 Jan 2014 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1875399X01407010022


The purpose of this research was to examine possible relations between basic personality traits and cognitive abilities and basic physical functions in a sample of female candidates studying at Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies (ACPS) in Belgrade. Literature review has shown that this problem has not been sufficiently studied, so it would benefit to gain a deeper insight into understanding of psychophysical functioning. Further contribution would include a better understanding of the nature of mind-body influence. In pragmatic sense, this work should help improve professional orientation and selection tasks in Police education and different profiles of police forces in Serbia.

Samples of 267 female candidates studying at ACPS, aged 18 to 19 were given different personality and cognitive tests. Basic motoric space was covered by seven representative tests.

The data was subjected to correlational analysis. There were few small statistically significant correlation coefficients. Further analysis by canonical correlations analysis has not given statistically significant canonical correlations. There were most significant correlations between contraction and stretching test and psychological characteristics. Those findings lead authors to conclude that this very physical trait in a sample of women is sensitive to psychological influence in case of professional selection.

Keywords: Basic motoric status, cognitive abilities, personality, physical abilities.
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