Tactical Behaviour in Soccer: Analysis of an Under-11 Team by the “GK3-3GK” Test


The aim of this study is to compare game principles performed by 18 youth soccer players taking into account the tactical principles of the game, the action's place and respective outcome. The sample comprised 763 tactical actions performed by soccer players from one Portuguese club. The test “GK3-3GK” was used to provide the evaluation of tactical actions according to ten basic tactical principles of soccer game. For data analysis it was used a descriptive analysis and chi-square (χ2) test (p≤0.05). The results showed that players perform better the tactical actions related to the offensive principles than to the defensive principles. In conclusion, it is possible to assert that players have to improve, mainly, the performance of the “delay”, “balance” and “defensive unity” principles.

Keywords: Soccer, Tactical Performance, Game Principles.