The Consumer Value in Mega Sports Fan Festival: Scale Development and Validation

The Open Sports Sciences Journal 08 Jan 2024 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/011875399X272354231226072941



This study aimed to identify key values associated with fan festivals for the mega sports event. By examining those key values, researchers and practitioners may broaden their understanding of why sports fans attend fan festivals for mega sports events.

Materials and Methods

This study identified four dimensions of the Fan Festival Value Scale (FFVS)—hedonic, aesthetics, social, and social justice values—and statistically confirmed that the proposed measurement scale is reliable and valid.


This study showed that fans attend the fan festival to experience positive effects, watch the athletic performance, interact with other fans, and support social values (e.g., fairness and cooperative spirit). In particular, those four values may be divided into individualistic or collectivistic perspectives. From the individualistic perspective, fans may attend the fan festival to experience self-oriented values, such as to elicit positive emotional responses like pleasure and excitement and to enjoy the aesthetic movements of athletes. In predictive validity, the results indicated that the aesthetic and social values significantly predicted the attitude toward the fan festival, and hedonic, aesthetic, social, and social justice values significantly predicted fans' future intention to attend fan festivals for mega sports events. These findings suggest that the FFVS effectively predicts how fans form attitudes toward a fan festival and which specific values motivate those fans to attend fan festivals in the future.


The results of the current study can provide meaningful implications to the managers of the fan festival in terms of which values are derived from those fans to attend the fan festival.

Keywords: Consumer value, Fan festival, Mega sports event, Scale development, Hedonic, Aesthetic.
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