A Comparison of Injuries in Different Non-Professional Soccer Settings: Incidence Rates, Causes and Characteristics

Angela Gebert1, 2, *, Markus Gerber2, Uwe Pühse2, Philippe Gassmann3, Hanspeter Stamm1, Markus Lamprecht1
1 Lamprecht und Stamm Sozialforschung und Beratung, Zuerich, Switzerland
2 Sport Science Section, Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
3 Suva (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund), Luzern, Switzerland



There is a lack of data regarding the epidemiology of soccer injuries and the particular accidents in specific non-professional soccer populations. The aim of this study was to analyse incidence, causes and characteristics of soccer injuries, taking into account different settings of organised (amateur) and non-organised soccer.


A random sample of persons who had sustained an injury while playing soccer and reported this injury to the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva) was retrospectively consulted. 705 injuries were analysed involving three main settings (soccer games, soccer training, non-organised soccer) and different amateur soccer leagues.


Knee injuries (p=0.01) and head injuries (p=0.005) were observed more frequently in games than in non-organised soccer. Injuries caused by contact with an opponent and foul play occurred more frequently in games than in training (p<0.001) or non-organised soccer (p≤0.001). Injury incidence was substantially higher for players of 30+/40+ leagues (18.7 injuries per 1000 hours) than for players of other leagues (1st-3rd amateur leagues: 8.5, p=0.002; 4th-5th amateur leagues: 9.4, p=0.007; female leagues: 8.2, p=0.006; junior leagues: 6.7, p<0.001).


With respect to injury characteristics, causes and injury incidence, essential differences between various non-professional soccer settings exist suggesting that a more specific approach in injury prevention may generate positive effects.

Keywords: Amateur soccer, injury mechanism, injury incidence, epidemiology.

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Year: 2019
Volume: 12
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